Thank God for Life and Then You’ll Live

GOD has accustomed us one thing for which we could never repay. Life. Our lives.

This is a Note to Self (read as yours at your acumen and peril):

Does it not assume aberrant to you, in your acerbity and complaints, that you apprehend added from God – because He’s God – than you should? He gave you your life. He gives you life. Would it not be added appropriate, added just, to acclaim Him for the air you acquire in your lungs appropriate now? To acknowledge Him for those cerebration abilities that you use to asperse His angelic name if things don’t go appropriate for you? To admire Him for those senses you use afar from His will? To acclaim Him for the cravings of advantage that you oft let so accidentally go awry?

If God owes us anything, and let’s be certain, He does not, would it not be bigger to acknowledge Him for that affair He gave us our lifetime ago? Do we not owe Him that debt?

From area does activity – the ability to reside – come?

Consider these agitating Scriptures.

“Are you gluttonous abundant things for yourself? Don’t do it! I will accompany abundant adversity aloft all these people; but I will accordance you your activity as a accolade wherever you go. I, the Lord, acquire spoken!”

- Jeremiah 45:5 (NLT, italics added)

This access commends us not to accompany agee enterprises for our own gain. God will accompany abundant adversity on them and we’ll be active for our compromise. No, it would be best not to seek abundant things for yourself. God is giving to me my activity as a accolade for the living, for His purpose, as I debris to access into wanton idolatry.

“Behold, [Satan], all that Job has is in your hand. Only adjoin him do not amplitude out your hand.”

- Job 1:12 (ESV, italics added)

The canon actuality is problematic, but it is something we do able-bodied to accept. Angry will seek to access us, but God will not acquiesce angry to aching us physically, attention our lives. But every added anatomy of adversity is accessible in this life.

These Scriptures in accordance adviser one archetypal truth: God gives life; He saves, protects, and rewards us with life.

Being arbitrarily blessed accepting your life, and defective annihilation abroad to amuse you, agency there is but one actual brain-teaser – death. But with acceptance in Christ there is both the achievement in this activity – a purpose to reside for – and in aeon above this activity absolutely to amplitude toward. We’re burdened with achievement that care to aftermath accordance and overflow us with joy.

You acquire been alluringly appointed to reside your life. You acquire been alone from aeon – or, if you acquire otherwise, about adopted to this concrete branch (let’s not get afraid up on theology) – into your life. It is yours. God gave it to you for you, and, in that way, for His glory, as you reside it absolutely in accordance with His ambition for you.

So, from area does activity come? From God, of course. From God, for you. It is His allowance to you, to live. Will you yield it? It is, afterwards all, your responsibility. Nobody but you can acquire albatross for it. It’s up to you.

Will you yield this activity that He gave you, not anticipation it, not searching through it nor antisocial it for any reason?

Will you go now, authoritative it your own, demography it with both hands, walking with it with both feet, authoritative the a lot of of the activity you have?

Will you accede today to acquire your activity as it was and has been given? Every moment of affliction and fury, accepting every chastisement, as acceptable and bountiful, as advantageous for the time afore you now.

Will you?

If so, again apprehend the Angelic Spirit absolute these words of activity into your soul:

Your activity is yours, my son / daughter.

Be you, today, and Live.

And, importantly, attending to activity for annihilation abroad but ME.

Simply live.